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Current Issue (Volume 1, Issue 3), 2023


Controversies in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Joseph Lula Lukadi
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Original Article

ChatGPT Insight and Opinion Regarding the Controversies in Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Ameer M. Salih, Nashaddin A. Mohammed, Yousif M. Mahmood, Sabah J. Hassan, Hiwa Shafiq Namiq, Abdullah K. Ghafour, Saywan Kakarash Asaad, Suhaib H. Kakamad, Fakher Abdullah, Karokh Fadhil Hama hussein, Hussein M. HamaSalih, Muhammed Karim, Fahmi H. Kakamad, Berun A. Abdalla, Shvan H. Mohammed
Abstract 86 |

Review Article

Pembrolizumab (Anti-PD-1) in the management of malignant pleural mesothelioma: A systematic review of the current literature

Rebaz M. Ali, Fahmi H. Kakamad, Hiwa O. Abdullah, Shalaw H. Abdulla, Shaho F. Ahmed, Bnar J. Hama Amin, Marwan N. Hassan, Sabah J. Hasan, Hussein M. Hamasalih, Berun A. Abdalla, Rawezh Q. Salih, Hawbash M. Rahim
Abstract 322 |

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes (Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal) in COVID-19: A Review

Huda M. Muhammad, Nahida Hama Ameen Ahmed, Gasha S. Ahmed, Fahmi H. Kakamad, Sabah J. Hassan, Berun A. Abdalla, Shvan H. Mohammed, Snur Othman, Sanaa O. Karim, Hussein M. Hamasalih, Yousif M. Mahmood, Hawbash M. Rahim
Abstract 191 |

Recurrent neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS); a systematic review of the literature

Fahmi H. Kakamad, Saywan Kakarash Asaad, Abdullah Kamal Ghafour, Nsren Sharef Sabr, Soran H. Tahir, Belan Mikaeil M. Radha, Rezheen J. Rashid, Choman Sabah Omer, Rzgar Hamid Abdul, Sanaa O. Karim, Berun A. Abdalla, Shvan H. Mohammed, Suhaib H. Kakamad
Abstract 70 |

Hydatid cysts of the bladder; a systematic review of the literature

Ranj A. Hasan, Fakher Abdullah, Bokan Talib Saeed
Abstract 56 |

Role of Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a review article

Nsren Sharef Sabr, Fakher Abdullah, Hiwa Shafiq Namiq, Nashaddin A. Mohammed, Zardasht Mahmud Ahamed, Abdullah K. Ghafour, Saywan Kakarash Asaad, Fahmi H. Kakamad, Ayoob Asaad Mohammed Abid, Diyar A. Omer, Suhaib H. Kakamad, Soran H. Tahir, Berun A. Abdalla, Choman Sabah Omer, Rezheen J. Rashid
Abstract 60 |

Case Report

Self-Induced Pneumoparotid as a Result of Covering Mouth While Coughing; a Case Report

Abdulwahid M. Salih, Shko H. Hassan, Rezheen J. Rashid, Zanyar Ahmed Mohammed, Ahmed Luqman Ali, Ahmad Hameed Awakhti, Marwan N. Hassan, Berun A. Abdalla, Fahmi H. Kakamad
Abstract 92 |
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