Borderline Personality Disorder: A Psycho-Analytic Perspective

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Yadgar N. Abbas
Jaafar O. Ahmed
Dahat A. Hussein
Fakhir H. Abdullah
Rawezh Q. Salih
Shvan H. Mohammed
Berun A. Abdalla
Fahmi H. Kakamad


borderline personality disorder, psychodynamic, Psycho-analysis, defense mechanisms, Self



Borderline personality disorder is one of the most common personality disorders and it is associated with functional impairments. This article clarifies the use of psychodynamic formulations in understanding an 18-year-old lady diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder.

Case presentation

An 18-year-old female experiencing a mass of symptoms including depression, feeling lonely, self-blaming, confusion, inability to work, impulsivity, mood swings, relationship problems, and difficulty in thinking clearly. Rapid Mental State Examination revealed an obese body build, with long dark hair and a wide black framed medical glass. She looked anxious and tired. Her cognitive functions. She showed evidence of the crucial features of borderline personality disorder. The therapist offered biweekly sessions with the client to listen to her story which took three sessions (each one of 45 minutes) to figure out her worries and life difficulties, during these sessions therapist tried to prove to her that she was listened to and she was welcomed to speak as loud and as clear as she wanted. This made her feel confident to speak and made her make a promise to commit to the therapeutic processes in the 4th session. So far, the plan was to have overall 14 therapeutic sessions.


Dealing with the delicate cases of borderline personality disorder is one of the most challenging and therapist-exhausting situations using the psychodynamic interview is an effective way in helping cases of borderline personality disorder.

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