Uniport Versus Multiport Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS): Comparisons and outcomes: A Review Article

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Pavel M. Kareem
Sanna O. Karim
Hawar A. Sofi
Fuad Emad Fuad
Suhaib H. Kakamad
Hiwa O. Abdullah
Berun A. Abdalla
Shavn M. Hussein
Hawbash M. Rahim
Marwan N. Hassan
Fahmi H. Kakamad
Hiwa A. Ali


VATS, Minimally invasive surgery, Thoracoscope, Outcome, Port


There are contr oversies regarding the number of ports in video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).  The aim of this review is to compare the outcomes of multiport VATS and uniport VATS in form of postoperative pain, hospital stay, the volume of blood loss, duration of operation, duration of postoperative drainage and conversion rate.  Although lacks a high level of evidence, this short review showed that uniport VATS might be a preferred alternative approach in thoracic surgery. Patients with uniport VATS have shorter hospital stays, less pain, early recovery and sooner removal of the chest tube.

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